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Cover all the bases before you start breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding is a special journey for both mother and baby. The love and the bond that the mother and baby form is something indescribable.

 I am not saying that mothers who don’t breastfeed do not have a bond with their baby, of course they do, every mother has a bond.

Breastfeeding  is a journey I would advise every mother to take. It won’t be easy, but nothing is ever easy. You will learn,your baby will learn, once you find that right sweet spot, there won’t be turning back from there. Because you will just love breastfeeding.

While I was pregnant with my 1st baby my thoughts where” ofcourse I am going to breastfeed, how hard can it be?” . 

And trust me I could not have been more wrong. The naive new mom I read a bunch of stuff and thought to myself, ok cool nothing that complicated, ha!!

I learned that hard way, but my baby and I got there. Let me tell you some of the things nobody described.

Before you get started checkout my post about how you can make life and specially feeding the baby less tiresome.

1. Latching the right way

I can not insist enough on how important having the right latch is. If you don’t get the right latch it will be very painful. 

right latch

This is where some of the moms give up because of this. 

With my 1st baby, the naive new mom a.k.a Me could not get it right for almost 3 months. Yes, it took me 3 months.

My baby had the right latch on my left breast but not on the right breast. Cue- engorgement, pain, tears. 

The right latch is when the whole nipple and  the surrounding areola is in the baby’s mouth ( don’t worry the baby’s mouth is big enough for it).

The tongue will be under the nipple and areola. 

There are milk ducts on your areola too, so when the baby presses with the tongue and jaw to suck out the milk, the signal is sent to your body to produce more milk.

Getting the right latch while breastfeeding will ensure that your baby is getting the right amount of milk they need and get all the nutrition their body needs.

2. Flaking skin on the areola

This had actually freaked me out. While you are pregnant the melanin produced also forms a cover on the areola.

When you first feed the baby dark brown pigments come out as flakes, it is really weird. Sometimes it can be itchy. 

You will be very tempted to peel it, but don’t. 

Tip : Use a damp warm washcloth to wipe your nipple and areola. The brown flakes will wipe right off.

This will happen just the first time you breastfeed for every pregnancy. Just wipe it off and you are good to go. 

If you develop a rash or red flaky painful skin on your nipple or areola, go to your doctor immediately.  

3. The Right position and Hold

You and the baby need to be in a very comfortable position while breastfeeding, this is essential. 

Being in an uncomfortable position will make it painful for you and the baby might not be able to latch on the right way.

There are different breastfeeding positions I was very surprised to find out.( Felt like I had been living under a rock!!)

These are the basic Positions and hold for breastfeeding. You can always find your twist to it as per your and your baby’s comfort.

Cradle Hold

cradle hold

This position is the most commonly used.

Here you use both your arms to hold the baby and position the baby facing towards your breasts. 

A nursing pillow can be used as well to support your arms and to keep the baby more comfy.

Lying down Hold

side lying or lying down

Lying down position is best for night time feeding especially if you are co-sleeping. 

It is a very relaxing position for mom as you a.k.a mom and baby are facing each other while laying down.

This position is best if you had a c-section or also if you had stitches for your vaginal tear during a normal delivery.

Football Hold

football hold

Here, you are in a sitting position with the baby’s body tucked under your arm and the head and neck supported in your hand.

After a c-section and good for latching.

Laid-back Hold

laid back hold

In this position you are laying on your back and your baby is on your breast, feeding away. 

This is the best when you have a c-section. A very heavy let-down is also managed well in this position.

4. Managing the leaks

From my experience with both my pregnancies I can tell you the only way I found is using nursing pads. Specifically the washable ones, It will save the bucks.( who doesn’t want that??!!)

I took it as a positive sign, because I have enough milk in the body that it is leaking.

You feel bad when that happens but still. 

Leaky breast is the reason nursing bras never worked for me since I would be wearing a nursing pad in my bra ALL the time.

5. Pumping

  1. Increases your milk supply. 
  2. Pumping helps relieve engorged breasts.
  3. It’s an excellent choice for working moms.
  4. You can pump and bottle feed the baby if you don’t want to breastfeed the baby in public.
  5. Pumping is the best way to manage leaky breasts.

My second baby is 17 months old and we are still breastfeeding and I swear I still leak. 

When I start to feed from one side the other side leaks, It gets annoying after a while.

I have started weaning, so pumping is no point, my son is not interested in taking a bottle.

Listen, kids are smart asses, when he tastes the milk he refuses the bottle or the sippy cup or a straw… yes! I have tried everything !!

I would love to know how breastfeeding has worked for you, please do leave a comment. Consider subscribing for more.

This post contains affiliate links from which I may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win.

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